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November Nine

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Their connection is evident from the start and you can see that something magical will happen between them! Fallon is insecure and vulnerable due to her scars and Ben is the one who will help her feel good with herself.

There are a specific moment in the book that I was upset with Ben. I can understand why he did what he did but I can't forget about it and it bothered me.

Overall it was a beautiful story that you should everybody read it!! Colleen Hoover as always did an amazing job! View all 36 comments. Once again Colleen Hoover delivered a unique story that will stay with me for a while.

It made me smile, it made me shed a tear or two and it made me care, really care for these two endearing characters.

Is the day her life changed irrevocably, is the day that changed her forever, is the day she would give anything to forget. But is also the date when she met Benton James Kessler.

Ben is a college student, an aspiring novelist, a boy for whom November 9 has a certain significance. From the moment he meets Fallon, he is drawn to her and not only to her beauty, but to her personality as well.

And Fallon is drawn to Ben as well. They connect with each other from the start and they agree to spend this day, November 9 with each other.

Despite the strong connection between them, they part ways, Fallon moving to New York to pursue a career on Broadway, but they agree to meet on the same day at the same place for the next five years.

Like I mentioned above this fantastic tale was original from start to finish. I loved the concept of the story. It was intriguing, unique and of course every chapter left me wanting more.

I absolutely loved this beautiful, unconventional love story between these two characters. Their love story made my heart ache, but they also made it melt.

It was simply wonderful, believable and beautifully told. I lived it, I felt it, I fall in love with it. I loved these two characters.

Both Fallon and Ben were flawed characters, very well portrayed in such a great way. They were endearing, have depth and they were relatable.

Fallon was an easy character to like from the start. Ben was a wonderful character and I fell in love with him from the very beginning.

He was sweet and thoughtful, attentive and considerate, but what I loved the most about him was the way he made Fallon feels about herself. For Fallon he was like a breath of fresh air.

I loved the way he talked with her, his gestures, his flirting, his sweet, sweet words. I adored their magical connection.

You know why? Because I felt it with every fiber of my being. It was palpable from the beginning and I truly loved it. Fallon and Ben were wonderful together and their relationship warmed my heart.

They completed each other in every single way and at times I really believed they were soul mates. The story flowed fantastically well and the time jumps never felt too much.

At times it was intense, angsty, but I loved every minute of it. It was too much IMO. Overall, a wonderful read! View all 55 comments. Mar 26, Kelly and the Book Boar rated it it was ok Shelves: everyone-loved-it-but-me , liburrrrrry-book , pretty-on-the-outside , crunken-love , read-in , hide-the-salami , sappy-suckers.

I read the first pages of this book in like That's not to say those pages were perfect. There were plenty of things that can ONLY happen in a romance novel and be okay.

In real life the girl would probably have both the 9 and the 1 pressed on her phone before dude even sat down and NOT be like. Both MCs meet at 18, but are financially stable.

Let me get my time machine and figure out how to make THAT happen. I also had to forgive Fallon being soooooooooooooooooo insecure, but after only a few hours with Ben being able to begin seeing herself in a whole new light.

Never underestimate the power of. All those things aside, I thought for sure I would end up giving this 4 Stars. Because out of all the tired tropes in the world, November 9 picked THE.

I become the girliest of girly-girls whenever Sleepless in Seattle or An Affair to Remember comes on and generally resemble something kinda like this.

But with shittier curls. And then there was the sex. I mean sploosh. And Ben? Apparently there is a fine line between the type of fictional alpha male that makes my panties self-destruct and the non-alpha who starts as probably a creeper if it was real life, but since it was not the perfect dreamboat boyfriend who ends up being someone I kind of wanted to check for a vagina.

Many thanks to Mo and Rose and Liz for keeping me company over here in the shame corner. Why are you still insisting we read it?

Also, after being on hold at the library for infinity I have to see this through. You might wanna go ahead and preemptively unfriend me just in case things don't go well.

View all 18 comments. May 18, A. I wanted to rate it one star last night. I was so angry. But apparently the morning is smarter than the evening.

I am still pissed. The first twist in the book is stupid and unnecessary. How can I rate it one star? The story is amazing. The writing is amazing.

Music to my ears. CoHo uses and combines words in such a beautiful way as if to create harmony. She always uses less to achieve more.

Her messages are simple yet so complex and true. Her characters are simply beautiful, inside and out, flaws and all. She describes them in such an amazing way that even their flaws seem perfect.

If that makes sense at all. Nov 07, Rachel Reads Ravenously rated it it was amazing Shelves: romance , new-adult-mania , paperback , men-can-be-stupid-sometimes.

It's live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First thing I am going to say is you need to go into this book blind. I'm dead serious.

I'm actually a lover of spoilers but this book is the exception. I'm not going to post any spoilers, but I'm giving you a moment right now to really think about your reading experience of this book and urging you to go in blind.

Still want to read the review? Don't say I didn't warn ya. So when I saw on Facebook that many people were finding copies of November It's live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So when I saw on Facebook that many people were finding copies of November 9 early, I began to look around and found a local bookstore that had it.

I left my house and drove there as soon as I could to snag a copy and get it into my grubby little hands. There's just something really exciting about a new book by Colleen Hoover.

Going into this book I was a bit apprehensive, because to be honest I didn't care for the last few books Hoover has put out.

Whether it be the angst of Slammed, the emotional rollercoaster of Hopeless, or the rage that Ugly Love filled me with, her books inspire genuine emotion from the reader, and there is something really special in that.

I also want to point out that not one Coho book is the same. I know with her that a new book will bring me a fresh and original story and not a rehash of something else.

Any day just like the other? Well, some days hold meaning and this one means a lot to two people. On this day Fallon is having lunch with her dad when she meets Ben.

The two have an instant connection, but do not call it instalove. After spending the day together, they decide to meet on the same day at the same time and place for the next couple of years.

I opened this book and did nothing else until I was finished. From the first moment I needed to know what happened to these characters.

I loved them and all of their flaws. Both Ben and Fallon. It's why I loved this book, because I cared what happened to them.

I ended up crying! I rarely if ever cry from a book, and this story hit me hard. The book also flowed extremely well, the time jumps felt effortless and the story of the two of them entirely believable.

I will say that I actually predicted a couple of key plot points and those of you who read it know which ones but it didn't take away from my overall enjoyment of the story.

The premise reminds me of a movie my mom loves. Anyways thank you for reading my ramblings and I sincerely hope you pick up this wonderful, wonderful book.

And protect your emotions when you do. Feb 26, Beverly rated it it was amazing. As recommended by my bestie I started this on a day I knew I could start and finish in the same day.

I decided to start late on Friday night so I could finish it on Saturday morning. Yeah, that didn't happen.

Instead I finished in the early morning hours with no one to talk to. November 9 begins with us meeting Fallon. Fallon was a childstar before she was in a house fire that left her scarred and unable to continue acting.

She is at lunch with her dad, also a former actor, and you can immediately tell they do not get along.

She is bitter and hurt by his lack of regard for her. I immediately felt for Fallon and wanted more for her. Ben is a college student and overhears the conversation between Fallon and her dad.

In those few minutes he puts her dad in his place and makes Fallon feel more, that is all it took for this reader to fall. My flaws are what wake me up in the morning and what keep me up every night.

Ben is in school to be a writer and during their first date the discuss him writing a romance novel. It later turns into him writing their romance story.

This first November 9th is when they begin fall for each other. Since they only have this one perfect day to go on they decide not to alter their lives.

Together they come up with a plan to meet up again every year for five years on November 9. This will give them time to grow up and find themselves without giving up a possibility of something later.

Let me tell you I love this concept. I am the kind of person who always looks back on where I was at certain times in my life. I love seeing how my life, relationships and outlooks change as I get older.

Naturally, I love the idea of two strangers sharing one day every year and seeing how things develop. I love that about Ben.

Ben helped Fallon see herself different and believe in herself. I loved that. This story had me in complete knots and unable to breathe at points.

The story takes off so quickly and before you know it you are halfway in and have no idea where the time went. This story takes getting lost in a book to a new level.

I was in my little bubble loving life and then CoHo tore my heart out. Not literally, but it sure felt like it. Only to realize it was two in the morning and I was alone with my thoughts and uncontrollable emotions.

Few authors deliver stories so beautifully written they feel real, therefore invoke unexplainable emotions and actions.

This story completely broke my heart on so many levels. Then when I was finished I was at a loss and just wanted more. I did love certain points and aspects of this story more though.

I loved the reading references and how it added a lightness to the story. I love the message of loving yourself and finding beauty in more than your physical appearance.

I loved the message to follow your dreams even if the circumstances change. So in a way this story is more to me.

As always CoHo hit it out of the park, I highly recommend November 9. ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. View all 23 comments.

Nov 04, Lia rated it did not like it Shelves: disappointing , english-and-american-lit-and-more , new-adult , annoying-characters , hell-to-the-no , i-didnt-like-it , the-hype-is-a-liarrr , hated-the-mc , romance , realistic-fiction-and-contemporary.

Usual disclaimer: This is a negative review. If you loved the book, that's great! Sadly, I didn't, so please respect my opinion as I respect yours.

This book will make you want to claw your own eyes out because of the horrible writing, yell at the idiotic characters and look horrified for the rest of your life because of the terrible pl Usual disclaimer: This is a negative review.

This book will make you want to claw your own eyes out because of the horrible writing, yell at the idiotic characters and look horrified for the rest of your life because of the terrible plot.

Long story short: very angsty girl Fallon and very creepy guy Ben meet once a year on November 9th, for five years. They spend a total of 28 hours together throughout the years - yes, they actually count them - and yet they still keep going on about their speshul lurrrrve.

But let me be a little bit more specific. First November 9th: Horrible poetry. Hoover begins all of the book's sections with horrible poetry.

The aforementioned very angsty girl, Fallon, is fighting with her awful father who is also gifted with an absurdly unrealistic characterization , and actually throwing around sentences like "Releasing sperm into the vagina of a twenty-four-year-old does not a father make.

Thank you for that lovely mental image. Anyway, Angsty Girl we're just going to call her that, if you don't mind has survived serious injuries when she was sixteen and now has scars both on her face and on her whole body.

Which could have been a great way to introduce a character who does not rely on their exterior beauty to be remarkable, and to talk about how not looking like the typical beauty standard is perceived by other people.

But such things do not happen in the realm of Cheesy Romance and Cringe-Fest! In fact, Angsty Girl meets Creepy Boy, and since they immediately feel drawn to one another , they decide to spend the whole day together, because the next day Angsty Girl is going to move from LA to New York.

And let me tell you, Creepy Boy really does live up to his name! Now, if a guy ever told me that the first thought he had when he saw me concerned what kind of underwear I was wearing, I would cast him a disgusted look, tell him to fuck off and then leave.

Instead, Angsty Girl thinks it's charming. The underwear joke goes on for the rest of the book, and she still think it's adorable.

I was saying. They go back to Angsty Girl's place, because she needs help packing, and then Ben - pardon, Creepy Boy makes a reservation for them at a local restaurant.

When Angsty Girl says she doesn't feel comfortable wearing revealing clothes because of her scars, this happens: "I don't want to wear that, I want to wear this.

But then things get even worse, because Ben starts undressing Fallon while she's crying , until she finally gives in and accepts to wear the dress Ben picked out for her.

What an healthy relationship they have already, right? Well, I'll spare you the details. They fall in love within the span of a day, despite Angsty Girl stating that she hates insta-love in books wow!

So clever of the author! She writes an insta-love romance while saying that she hates insta-love I wish you could see the notes I took on my Kindle.

It's an endless stream of "wtf??? Anyway, their time is finally up. Angsty Girl leaves after they kiss and declare their never-ending love to each other, and then they promise to meet again the following year.

Second November 9th: More horrible poetry! We love horrible poetry, do we not? The two lovebirds meet again and, even if it's been a year since they last met and they've only spent a couple of hours together, Creepy Boy says repeatedly that no other girl compares to our beloved Angsty Girl.

Because, clearly, they know each other so well! They make out and are boring and the writing gets even more terrible than it was before. A bad storyline with dreadful characters was enough already, thank you very much.

Also, random dramatic sentences are thrown around for no apparent reason, such as: But neither of us asked the other a question in at least two minutes, so we may be all out of small talk.

Or maybe the silence is a question in itself. That doesn't even make sense. You're just saying it because you want to sound deep and poetic but it doesn't make sense!

Anyway, Hoover keeps saying things that are probably meant to be clever, and that just point out more clearly at all the flaws in her own book.

She states that she hates insta-love. She writes about insta-love. She says that the "fake a pregnancy to trap a man" is an overused subplot. She uses that very same subplot.

Does this author even realise what she's doing? Thank god, Angsty Girl finally has to leave again. We have no idea what happens in both of their lives when they're not with each other, because apparently that's not very important.

Angsty Girl is more angsty. Creepy Boy is more creepy. Everybody knows that cheap and unnecessary drama is the best way to hold your readers' attention.

So what you need to do is just kill someone at random and see how that plays out. Of course, you don't need to actually give a realistic depiction of grief, because who the hell cares about that?

I mean, that's boring, right? And we just want some harmless drama, just a dead friend, a relative, maybe even a pet.

And isn't it amazing that view spoiler [right after his own brother has died, the only thing Ben can think about is having sex with Fallon?

I just I just can't hide spoiler ]. Hoover proceeds in making matters worse and telling that her story or "Ben's" story, since he's writing a book about how he and Fallon met is nothing like other stories that have similar plots, such as Sleepless in Seattle and One Day.

See, Hoover, no one was even thinking about those. And then you had to mention them, and now everyone is like, oh wait, they are a bit too similar though, aren't they?

How is this smart thinking??? The whole thing leads to the most uncomfortable sex scene ever. I was half-laughing and half-cringing and I just wanted it to be over.

Every word that had come out of Creepy Boy's mouth had always left me with an horrified look on my face, but this time it was even worse.

He said things like "Thank you for this beautiful gift" when he found out that Fallon was a virgin, and then they both amiably chatted while having sex, Ben being more creepy than usual with his whispering and staring and wondering if he could ever write anything to do justice to that moment.

We also had this marvelous sentence here, His boxers have met their fate on the floor , which Are they gone forever?

What is the terrible fate they met on the floor? Why do authors feel compelled to use appalling metaphors to talk about the most menial things?

And then there was the whole business of Creepy Boy not being able to finish writing his book if they were to stop meeting only once a year, which actually helped Angsty Girl make up her mind and decide that she view spoiler [had to leave him hide spoiler ].

I hate to break it to you, sweetie, but that's what writers do. We invent. It doesn't matter if it's not real! Why does this book make no sense?

Fourth November 9th Usual poetry. More drama! More disturbing drama. Creepy Boy, since he wasn't creepy enough already, decides it's a good idea to view spoiler [start a relationship with his dead brother's wife, going directly from creepy to downright disgusting hide spoiler ].

Poor Angsty Girl is, of course, heartbroken. She angsts some more, because that's apparently all she does with her life. I started skipping pages, though I do recall a whole paragraph in which Angsty Girl explained why she was in the restroom to pee, despite not really needing to pee.

Thank you, Hoover, for this beautiful work of art. Hilarious things like I can still feel the wounds your tears left in my chest every time I breathe and You're just a part of my chemical make-up are said, and everything seems to be going well for our wonderful heroes, but Of course you know.

It's once again time for drama! Fifth November 9th: This time the yearly poem was so dreadful that I want to share it with you people.

Here, admire Creepy Boy's genius! A word meaning destiny. A word meaning doom. I mean, he's basically the new William Blake, isn't he? I have to say that I skimmed through most of this section, which was probably the worst one of them all if that's even possible.

Angsty Girl cries a lot. If I'd had a shot of vodka for every time she shed a tear during this book, I would be in the hospital right now. New drinking game, people!

Don't say I never do anything for you. I skipped some of it. Read some of it. Watched while Colleen Hoover once again treated themes like terminal illness and suicide in the most inappropriate and tactless way.

Now, I'm not going to make this longer than it already is. My review is not meant to be offensive, and I'm glad that a lot of people enjoyed this book.

I wish I had too. But, to me, November 9 was one of the worst books I've ever read and I will never, ever, ever read anything by Colleen Hoover ever again.

The one good thing about this book, though? It finally came to an end. View all 52 comments. May 19, Larry H rated it it was amazing. I tell you, Colleen Hoover wrecks me emotionally so often yet I keep coming back willingly!!

And it happened again with November 9. Fallon was a successful television actress for two years, until she was 16, when she was seriously injured in a fire.

Left with significant physical and emotional scars, she always keeps her guard up, convinced people only see the damage she has sustained.

Their I tell you, Colleen Hoover wrecks me emotionally so often yet I keep coming back willingly!! Their chance encounter intrigues both of them and both are shocked by the intensity of their feelings for one another.

But in the meantime, no contact with each other except that one day a year. Each year finds them in different places, feeling different things, facing different obstacles.

Is that even realistic? Will the feelings you have for one another intensify or die in the absence of regular contact?

You can't just walk away from it and expect it to linger until you're ready for it. I love the way Colleen Hoover writes and this book kept me guessing a bit.

I stayed up late to devour this one. Bravo, CoHo!! See all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoria. View all 20 comments. Readers also enjoyed.

New Adult. Young Adult. About Colleen Hoover. Colleen Hoover. And maybe a ghost story soon. I don't like to be confined to one genre. If you put me in a box, I'll claw my way out.

My social media username is colleenhoover pretty much everywhere except my email, which is colleenhooverbooks gmail. Books by Colleen Hoover.

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Every month our team sorts thro Read more Trivia About November 9. No trivia or quizzes yet. Quotes from November 9.

Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. What's the Name o YA, fiction long distance love story, couple meet up sporadically , not One Day [s].

YA Buddy Readers' Read-along: DT Novembro November 9. First it was four-time bracelet winner Jeff Madsen. Then Antonio Esfandiari, the one hope for a true superstar to make it to the end.

A final nine without a single player even hardcore poker fans had heard of two weeks earlier is a very real possibility. ESPN could have carefully constructed a few narratives to make whoever this final nine ends up consisting of more interesting than they seem based on a simple glance at the names.

You can reasonably debate what you like better as a viewing experience: Lon McEachern and Norman Chad having time to script out some riffs and only highlight hands making it to air, or having poker pros like Jamie Kerstetter joining them in the booth to provide more serious poker analysis in real time.

But this year, without a delay until November, generating interest in the final table is going to be tough.

Last year, Cada fell in fifth place, and by then, after pulling hard for Cada to do the unthinkable and become a two-time champ , we were deeply invested in the likes of John Cynn, Tony Miles, and Michael Dyer.

In some sports, the answer is not much. The teams and their markets matter a little, but individual players make minimal difference.

Featured Event Opening of the Berlin Wall. Long a symbol of the Cold War , the Berlin Wall , erected in and eventually extending 28 miles 45 km to divide the western and eastern sectors of Berlin , was opened by the East German government on this day in Featured Biography Dylan Thomas British author.

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November Nine November Nine Mann Antoine Saout im Team Everest Poker. August | 0 Kommentare. Nur zwei Europäer haben es an den Final Table des Main. Poker Central, ESPN und die WSOP werfen damit das November Nine-Konzept über den Haufen. Brandheiße Meldung rund um das größte. Du willst LIVE am TV Tisch sitzen und als Teilnehmer der November Nine Serie um den Turnier Sieg, um satte € extra Cash (Dem. Thalia: Infos zu Autor, Inhalt und Bewertungen ❤ Jetzt»November 9 (Nine)«nach Hause oder Ihre Filiale vor Ort bestellen! Heute steht uns der „Pokerdoc“ und Pro Michael Keiner Rede und Antwort zum Thema November Nine. Viel Vergnügen! 1. Wirst du den Final Table des. She lives Beste Spielothek in Diepoldsau finden Texas with her husband and their three boys. Natalie SommerThalia-Buchhandlung Vechta. Kommentar posten. Ich bin da aber nicht mehr so hinterher wie früher. Es wäre schön, einen Platz zum Spielen zu haben. Werden Fallon und Ben sich finden können? Patrik Antonius: Ich bin noch nicht sicher. Wie wichtig ist die repräsentative Rolle des Weltmeisters eigentlich? Mit allen Dreien habe ich schon öfters in Turnieren am gleichen Tisch gespielt. Kennst du einen der Spieler? While they make me want to smash my kindle against a wall, they also make me appreciate the realness of the situation. New Adult. I couldn't Beste Spielothek in Brosis Ellegg finden and I swear I almost threw up. Ben was voyeuristic, trying to see her Beste Spielothek in Osterheeslingen finden because HE. Fallon and I have no Regulierende Dynamik. Las Vegas Sun. After spending the day together, they decide to meet on the same day at the same time and place for the next couple of years. It is the seasonal equivalent of May in Erhalten Sie opposite hemisphere. Cuong Soi Nguyen.

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